Is real estate really passive investing?

Advertisements In short, “No.” Similar to driving, you have to steer, accelerate, brake when necessary and so on, but do you really need to lay the asphalt or paint the lane markers? Both are involved and interacting with the road, but from very different roles. Ultimately you have to decide how much work you areContinue reading “Is real estate really passive investing?”

How inflation affects real interest rates and investment returns

Advertisements Let’s discuss an interest rate of 3.4% and an inflation rate of 6.8% (according to for December of 2021) and look at the outcome. Inflation eats away at the future purchasing power of a dollar. In other words, it buys less because it has been devalued. The same $1M today, will not buyContinue reading “How inflation affects real interest rates and investment returns”

Your home is NOT an asset.

Advertisements Simply defined, assets put money into your pocket and liabilities take money out of your pocket. Your primary residence is not an ATM machine, does not put money into your pocket and requires large capital contributions to keep and maintain. It is a roof over your head for you and your loved ones, notContinue reading “Your home is NOT an asset.”

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