Bathroom renovation or custom build considerations.

interior of modern bathroom with bathtub and big windows

When building a custom home or simply renovating to update or add desirable creature comforts to a master bathroom, consider splurging on some items and pulling back on others.

For example, ask a person if they would rather have a deep soaking tub or a jetted whirlpool tub (don’t forget to ask about cleaning those little jets). Most never use the jetted whirlpool feature, despise cleaning those little jets and really just soak in a mostly hot bath. Which leads us to the water heater. By the time most whirlpool tubs are getting full, the water heater tank is emptying out and pumping cold water into your hot bath. Opt for a tankless water heater and endless hot water! If you simply must have a whirlpool tub, then spend even more and get one that also heats the water. I have found that the best solution is to install a deep soaking tub and a tankless water heater and ditch the jetted whirlpool tub. Tankless water heaters are a great idea if you have the ability to upgrade. For an idea on equipment prices: SteamSpa Raven Series Wifi and Bluetooth 9kW QuickStart Steam Generator Package in Brushed Nickel | Touch Screen Wifi App Control Steam Shower Kit with Drain Pans Speaker and filter kit | RVB900BN-A-F.

HEATED FLOORS!!! Ask anyone on a slab foundation! “Would you have installed heated floors looking back?” You will get almost unanimously, “YES!” Most big box home improvement stores now carry DIY options that are simple. Measure your floor area and lay out your copper coils (some even come on a uniform mesh or grid), some use a liquid leveler or mud to cover, then lay your selected tiles. Don’t forget to connect your thermostat for your specific heating flooring system so you can enjoy waking up to nice warm floors underfoot in the mornings or program as desired. You can find heated flooring kits online around $80-$600 depending on your square footage. For the DIYers try: SunTouch TapeMat Electric Radiant Floor Heating Mat Kit and SunStat Command Thermostat, 30 Sq. Ft, (120V), Plain.

Heated towel rack! Must I say more? You will need an outlet if remodeling, so you’ll need an electrician and much easier to accomplish on a new build. A wall mounted unit like I installed in my own home when I built can be acquired online around $150-$225. Thinking about a wall mount option: HEATGENE Towel Warmer Wall Mount Electric Plug-in/Hardwired Heated Towel Rack Mirror Polish.

If you really plan well, you might even install a steam generator and create your own wet sauna/shower. A steam generator will run you about $2K online. You will need 220V, so you may need an electrician and a plumber to install the unit and plumb it correctly. I would also suggest that you use Kerdi fabric on the interior of your sauna/shower area to create a vapor barrier if you’re installing a steam generator as steam is very different than water from a shower. If you really want to upgrade to a wet sauna as a DIY remodel project or considering a custom build, you could start shopping here SteamSpa Raven Series Wifi and Bluetooth 9kW QuickStart Steam Generator Package in Brushed Nickel | Touch Screen Wifi App Control Steam Shower Kit with Drain Pans Speaker and filter kit | RVB900BN-A-F.

All things considered and depending on your skill and comfort level or sweat equity, for around an extra $3K-$6K in equipment, you could wake every day to your spa-like heated floors, step into your wet sauna, or catch a good book in your extra deep soaking tub and hop out to your warmed towel. Every single day! Would it be worth it? Would it add re-sale value? My wife says, “Yes” and “Yes”. You decide for yourself.

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